Web Design, Hosting & Maintenance:

We specialize in creating web pages for personal or business use. Our mission is to provide a professional looking site that is quick to download and easy to navigate. We work in an efficient and effective manner that produces excellent results without delay. The information contained below discusses the process and what we can do for you.

The entire process of designing a web page and making the site available on the World Wide Web is a decision that must be accepted by EVERY business owner. The utilization of PC's and the Internet have shown that there are other methods of communicating with the public, such as the phone book or print advertisements we receive. The design will allow for changes and updates to the site whenever there is the need. We can expedite the entire process and avoid the time consuming delays you might experience if you decide to do it yourself or by another company. 

Just as the black & white TV vs. color TV, rotary phone vs. touch-tone dialing, the new technologies are here and the Internet is it! Hopefully we can convince you that by having a Domain Name and Web Site for your business, you can capitalize on the new marketing "tools" and be ahead of the game. Why wait when you can have the entire process done for you for one third the price. How many times have your clients or vendors asked you... Do you have a web site?

What we can do for you....

Project Plan

1) Register Domain Name:
What does it mean? By registering for the domain name, you will receive a URL address for the World Wide Web. This allows anyone throughout the world with Internet access to view your site from just by entering "www.xxxxxx.com" in the appropriate area.

Recommend : NetworkSolutions.com   /   register.com   =  $35.00 per name per year (no set-up fee)

2) Initial startup and design:
This process involves working with the customer's requests to create an efficient web page that can be used by a host service provider. The initial design of the web will be written in programming code that utilizes the latest web technology. Digital pictures, graphics, audio clips, etc. can be implemented to enhance the site and maintain the viewers interest. 

After finalizing the design project we are then ready to upload the data to the host provider. From this point, the site can be seen throughout the world, and will remain in a secured environment. Each website will monitored, maintained, and updated based upon client’s preferences.

Our expertise enables us to create professional looking websites for anyone.
We use such programs as Macromedia Dreamweaver Adobe Web Collection Microsoft Frontpage and Notepad. To enhance your site: Flash 5, Dynamic HTML, Java Scripting, and raw HTML can be implemented.
Each site will be easy to navigate and download quickly.
We can also update, maintain, and host your exisiting website if needed. 
For some examples, please visit: http://www.mdverb.com/

(Depending on the amount of information: creating logos, graphic arts, online forms, shopping carts, updating)

3) Hosting of the Web Page(s): 
Hosting entails servers strategically located throughout the world that stores the URL and website pages so they can be viewed by anyone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any complications.
Hosting can be done on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the preference of the client. No setup fees are required if paid on an annual basis. 
The cost is between $20.00 - $40.00 per month depending on the size of the file, number of email accounts, and functions you want the site to be able to perform. 

(Standard Sites run 20meg / 20 emails / Telnet/FTP access = 25 per month = 300yr.)

Considerations to look at when choosing a host provider that best suits your needs:


4) Search Engine Registrations:
Search engines are used as a marketing tool to promote and acquire new clientele. They allow users to type a key words or phrase and find sites relating to that subject. This eliminates the need to remember and type the URL each time you want to view the site.
Each search engine, entails either a monthly or annual service charge that can be negotiated based on activity the site may encounter. The process to register is time consuming but is necessary for any business looking to expand its market.
For more info, please visit:  http://www.mdverb.com/search.htm

(Consideration after site is completed and ready for promotion)
 - Costs vary from 50.00 + depending on search engine and placement

Our Prices and Services are excellent.

We look forward to hearing from you.
If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email. mike@mdverb.com